Greetings, I'm Michel, a founding member of the CiaoBedBugs team since its establishment in a few years ago. I've been at the forefront of our battle against pests, contributing my expertise and dedication to the cause.

My path into pest management began with a comprehensive foundation in Entomology at Université Pierre et Marie Curie. During my time there, I delved deeply into the intricate world of insects, with a specific focus on the meticulous study of bed bugs. This educational journey was more than just an academic pursuit; it was a passionate exploration that granted me a profound understanding of these pests and their interactions with their environment.

As a driving force behind CiaoBedBugs, I bring a wealth of skills in integrated pest management and expert strategies for pest control. My expertise goes beyond theoretical knowledge – it's the culmination of practical experience, involving the identification, study, and effective mitigation of a diverse array of pests, with a distinct specialization in bed bugs.

Intriguingly, my journey in pest management has given me an unexpected appreciation for bed bugs. Despite their common association with discomfort, I've been captivated by their unique characteristics. For instance, bed bugs possess the remarkable ability to endure extreme conditions, surviving for months without a meal. Their flat bodies enable them to maneuver through the tiniest cracks and crevices, and their reproductive capabilities are equally astonishing – a single female can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime.

These distinct traits have sparked my interest and admiration for these resilient creatures. As I lead the charge against bed bugs with CiaoBedBugs, my aim is to convert this appreciation into effective strategies to eliminate these pests and restore serenity to your living spaces.

My dedication remains unwavering. I'm committed to providing you with practical insights, tips, and expert guidance, equipping you to effectively combat the challenges posed by these pests. At CiaoBedBugs, our mission revolves around restoring tranquility and comfort to your home by bidding a definitive farewell to bed bugs.

This initiative was born from the realization that bed bugs can disrupt the sanctity of your living spaces, turning them into nightmares. Our objective is to empower you with knowledge and actionable solutions, creating an environment where you can flourish without the fear of unwanted intruders.

I invite you to join me on this journey toward a pest-free existence. Together, we will overcome these unwelcome guests and restore your sense of well-being. For any inquiries, concerns, or a thirst for further knowledge, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Let's collaborate to not only eradicate bed bugs from your space but also to reintroduce the joy of an enjoyable living environment.

Michel Johnson founder of

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