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The Story Behind CiaoBedbugs

5 years ago, my roommate brought back bed bugs from an overseas trip. At first, I had just a vague idea of what bed bugs were. Now I know more on these critters than I ever wished to. Having experienced myself personally with bed bugs I know how much disturbance and anxiety those bloodsucking insects can bring to an individual. This was when the nightmare started for me. Where I would wake up in the middle of the night to see a bed bug crawling on top of my bed. At the peak of the infestation the only place I could find sleep was the bathtub.  It was a difficult period of my life but what got me out of it was the knowledge I gathered in the process.

Bed bugs are tenacious and intelligent critters that can hide in tiny and hard to reach spots. Getting rid of them is not an easy ride. But in this tedious battle, I got convinced that knowledge was the best weapon an individual could have against those critters. I made so many mistakes along the way such as trashing furniture and mattress and over spraying my room. This is why I started CiaoBedbugs. So that you would not repeat those mistakes. And to create a place where insider knowledge was easily accessible for individuals to help them in this tough battle.


The Purpose of CiaoBedbugs

My goal is to make content about bed bugs that is practical and close to real life as possible

I am personally passionate about entomology and want to give my unbiased opinion when it comes to tools and techniques to get rid of bed bugs. In order to save your time, energy and money when purchasing bedbug tools.

In this site I want to push what’s been working best for me and many. In order to stop once and for all a bed bug infestation.
If you have any questions, you can email us.

Michel Johnson


Legal name: EDECON Ltd.

Address: 1712 PIONEER AVENUE STE 101 CHEYENNE, WY, 82001, USA



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