Does Boric Acid kill Bed Bugs?

Boric acid to kill bed bugs

In the relentless battle against bed bugs, homeowners and pest control enthusiasts are constantly exploring innovative solutions to combat these tenacious blood-sucking pests. One such contender in the quest for effective bed bug control is boric acid. Derived from boron, this natural compound has demonstrated its prowess as a versatile and environmentally friendly pest control agent. But Does Boric Acid kill Bed Bugs? In this article, we’ll delve into the science, the methodology, and the potential benefits and drawbacks of using boric acid in the ongoing fight against bed bug infestations.



What is Boric Acid ?

Boric acid (BA), also called hydrogen borate, is naturally present in soil, water and minerals, it is used in the composition of many commercially available pesticide products. In addition to hydrogen and oxygen, It contains another lesser-known chemical element, boron. Thanks to its antifungal action, it is very often used in medicine and pest control. It is indeed an excellent repellent against cockroaches, ants and other pests. BA is cheap to buy and easily accessible in stores. In this article we will answer the question : Does Boric Acid kill bed bugs ? And much more!

It is effective in getting rid of the various insects that harm your home, such Ants, cockroaches, fleas, termites, cockroaches, and other pests.  Borax acts directly on insects by damaging their digestive system. Any insect that ingests BA will die.

Here are other household use of Boric Acid :

  • Acts as an insecticide against Pests
  • Whitens the laundry
  • Removes greasy stains in clothes
  • Help whitening sinks
  • Removes mold
  • Deodorizes shoes
  • Reduces feet’s sweating
  • You can use it as a fertilizer in a garden

However, you should pay special attention when using it, because in high doses, boric acid could represent a danger.


What is the difference between Boric Acid and Borax ?

The main difference between borax and boric acid is that borax is a naturally occurring mineral while boric acid is the purified chemical that results from processing borax. Borax contains sodium, oxygen and boron. Boric acid, on the other hand, is created from a mixture of borax and other natural minerals.

Borax is considered a salt of boric acid. It is also known as sodium tetraborate (Na2B4O7 • 10H2O), while boric acid is called hydrogen borate (H3BO3).

Both can be used as all-purpose cleaners. You can use Borax and boric acid  as all-purpose cleaners.You can also add them to laundry detergents and cleansers to clean just about anything extra. They both are effective stain removers, disinfectants, deodorizers and mold removers.


Which precautions when handling Boric Acid ?

Like all insecticides, it is important to respect certain precautionary measures when dealing with Boric Acid. When handling the BA-based product, it is therefore strongly recommended to wear gloves, protective goggles and clothing that covers the whole body in order to limit the risk of irritation. If you have a mask, even better! Always read and follow the label instructions of the BA you purchased to know how to safely use it.


Does Boric Acid kill bed bugs ?

The key for boric acid to work is for the insects to ingest it. If the insects don’t eat it, nothing happens. This is why you usually see BA as a poison combined with a bait. The bait is usually sugar or protein that the insects will want to eat. When insects eat the bait, they also eat BA and die.

It does not kill bed bugs. Because they will not eat it. Remember that bed bugs feed mainly on human blood. As a result it is impossible to make them ingest Acid Boric. Unless you mix boracic acid with human blood, which we do not recommend.

Boric acid will not work to kill them. Instead, use BA for your other pests problems such as Cockroaches, mice, ticks or Ants.

You can use it to repel and deter bed bugs. Indeed if you place this powder anywhere in an infested room. It is likely that they will not go through it.

Cockroach Killer Powder is another type of powder that possesses insecticidal properties, making it effective in eliminating these troublesome pests. To learn more about its usage and effectiveness in combating both cockroaches and bed bugs, feel free to refer to our article on Cockroach Killer Powder and Bed Bugs.


Can Borax powder kill bed bug Eggs?

As we previously mentioned Boric acid is deadly to bed bugs when they ingest them. So BA will not kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. Bed bug eggs do not eat anything external. So there is no chance this powder will kill bed bug eggs.


How to use Boric Acid for bed bugs ?

As we mentioned, Boric Acid will not kill bed bugs on contact. However they will not like to go through this powder. So you can place boric at strategic places in order to deter them. You should spread it directly on the ground, all around the furniture to protect them. For example if you want to isolate your bed from bed bugs, you can sprinkle this powder around each bed leg to prevent those bloodsuckers from climbing it to feed on you. You can also isolate your bed with DIY bed bugs interceptor using Talcum powder. If you want to learn more, check our article about Talcum Powder and Bed bugs.
You can also isolate a room in your home by disposing of it at the entrance of an infested room so that they do not try to escape the room to expand the colony in other rooms of your home. To deter them you can also spread this acid in areas where you suspect bed bugs circulate. It could be carpets or baseboards for instance.

You can also use this powder in liquid solution to repel those bloodsuckers. Spray this boric acid liquid solution on the mattress, the seams, the surfaces of the bed (legs, box spring), then on the floor around and under the bed, the walls and furniture (be careful, BA can be aggressive on certain furniture depending on the material and on the paintings) near the bed. Spray also in your bags and suitcases. You can use this mixture to repel those pesky insects in certain spots such as the bedding area.

To repel bed bugs, boric acid dissolved in water can give some tangible results. To proceed you should dissolve BA in hot water before spraying the mixture in the room or directly in the bugs nest if you know where it is located. It is best to use hot water, because in cold water, hydrogen borate dissolves quite slowly.


Is Boric Acid harmful to health ?

Boric acid is a natural product. Just with its source, we can announce that it is a product that is far from harmful. In addition, it is present in certain foods, without forgetting that in the past, it was used as a food preservative. However, in recent years it has had its ups and downs and has made headlines in scientific and medical debate about its toxicity.

If you want to make BA preparations to repel bed bugs, it is advisable to bring basic protective equipment. Such as protective glasses, clothes and gloves. Always read and follow the instructions from the BA product that you bought.


Boric acid vs Diatomaceous earth for bed bugs

As we saw, you should only use Boric acid to deter and repel bed bugs. However Diatomaceous earth or silica gel dust are scientifically proven options you should consider to get rid of them permanently.

Also called silicon dioxide, Diatomite, Celite, Diatomaceous Earth is a fine powder with high porosity. Its  particles vary between 10 and 200 micrometers. It is a very effective natural insecticide for controlling bed bugs without harming the health of pets and people, including children. The powder comes from the fossilized remains of hard-shelled algae that are simply called Diatoms. It is a very formidable abrasive weapon against crawling insects such as bed bugs.

Diatomaceous earth  is completely harmless to humans but deadly to those blooduckers. The small particles of diatomaceous earth have abrasive properties that are deadly to these pests. They attach themselves to the shell of the parasites, causing them to lose their body fluid and destroying the film of wax that envelops them. The degradation and death of bed bugs are the result of severe dehydration. Unlike other chemical insecticides, including boric acid, available on the market, DE gives satisfactory results. No bed bug can resist it.

As soon as you spot the presence of a colony of bed bugs or you are the victim of a bed bug bite, order or buy food-grade diatomaceous earth without delay. To find the best diatomaceous earth available in the market you can have a look at our Bed bugs powders Buying Guide.



Boric acid is a very powerful insecticide. You should handle it with care when using it. In addition to eliminating cockroaches, ants and other pests you should use this product to repel and deter them. However, for more efficiency, you should call on a professional or to try a DIY process to get rid of bed bugs. In our DIY Complete Guide for bed bugs eradication, we show you a proven DIY method to win this battle against those bloodsuckers.