What can I mix with water when Steaming for bed bugs?

Steam Cleaner with a wand to get rid of bed bugs

Dry steam treatment is an effective technique to eliminate bed bugs through thermal shock. Indeed, these parasitic insects cannot resist intense heat, they die at 140°F (60°C). Given that the heat diffused is over 212°F (100°C), its effectiveness is undeniable against Bed bugs. Indeed Eggs, larvae and adult Bed bugs do not resist contact with the steam, which causes immediate death.


What to add in the tank water of your steam cleaner to kill bed bugs ?

Nothing, there is no need to add any other substance other than water in your steam cleaner to get rid of bed bugs. Temperature is the reason bed bugs will die when you use a steam cleaner. 

It is important to understand that chemicals, and especially detergents, can damage your steam cleaner. This type of device is not always made to accommodate this kind of chemical product. Most of the time, the manufacturer’s instructions from the manual user’s indicate that you should not use any additional product. We therefore strongly advise you to go against the recommendations of the manufacturers. You could damage your steam cleaner in the process.

We saw in this article that there is no need to mix anything with water when Steaming for bed bugs. Steaming is indeed an ecological method, it avoids the use of chemicals thanks to a treatment based solely on high pressure and hot water.
It is one of the best treatments out there against bed bugs. If you choose steaming to get rid of bed bugs, we advise you to have a look at our article to see if a Clothes Steamer can do the job against Bed bugs. 

If you decide to opt for the purchase of a steam cleaner. You should know that not all steam cleaners are equal on the market. To eliminate bedbugs, it is essential to use a good quality device, with a large water tank, and capable of producing dry steam at high temperatures. If you are interested in such information you can have a look at our in-depth Bed bugs Steamers Buying Guide.